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Welcome to Hallam.ca
This site is under development

We have a lot of very creative people in this family. So you SHOULD be filled with a particular sense of excitement at lies ahead!

What's in the works ....
  1. Sammy is developing a new template for the website (this thing)
  2. A series of interviews and recorded stories as told by the family historian, Henry Robert Hallam are in the works
  3. Will is going to record all of the songs in his repetoir
  4. Portfolios from Joelle, Zoe, Cabby, Maggie, Atsushi, Sammy and Hilary
about the design
Ok, this would probably be used as a blog or personal site, for the simple reason that it is not designed to accomodate a vast amount of information. (Well, it can but you have to scroll a very long way...)

No tables were used in this design, and it's pretty much as CSS-ed up as you can get. Feel free to use, hack or mod this design, but mention who you got it from somewhere on the site (Chris, http://www.web-site.tk) and leave the appropriate link in the source code. Email me if you use it! I'll help you too. Thanks! You can pretty much do what you like otherwise...(apart from sell it, obviously)

On a separate note, due to the general rubbishness of some monitors, the colours are screwed up. There's nothing I can do about that, so get over it!

This design works on all of the browsers ive tried it on - IE5, IE6, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape.

a little about me
My real name is Chris Blunden, alias Vacant. According to some, I am incredibly sad - to those people I say this: I don't care what you think. Noone cares what you think. Get on with your own life, instead of critisising other people's. I spend most of the time on MSN (froggyb[at]gmail[dot]com). I guess that doesn't really count as socialising? Thought not. Well, thats enough for the moment, if you want any help at all with your template please, do email me. I'd be honoured. Why not email me anyway, if you use the design? That'd make my day...